The one skincare product busy mums can’t live without


Today we are joined by guest blogger Sandra La Scala, natural beauty writer over at Botani, who shares with us the one skincare product that busy mums can’t live without – olive skin serum.

The one skincare product busy mums can’t live without

I have to admit, before kids, I was the perfect poster girl for treating my skin with TLC. I would cleanse, tone, apply an antioxidant serum, eye cream, sunscreen, exfoliating serum, moisturiser (light one in the day and heavier at night). I’d apply masks and exfoliate, and monthly facials were a must.

These days, I’m conscious of two things:

1. Time (rather, lack of it!)

Between the kids, husband and the house, I struggle to simply squeeze in those few minutes to wash my face and brush my teeth!

2. Toxins/chemicals

Not only does my body absorb around 60% of what goes onto my skin, but I’m conscious for my kids’ sake. When I’m not yelling at them, (don’t judge me) I’m showering them in smooches and I certainly don’t want any chemicals from my skincare (or makeup) to transfer onto their beautiful skin and hence INTO their little bodies. And for those of you with babies (my little one is 7 months old), you’d be familiar with the chin-or-nose-sucks…I don’t want them literally eating petroleum by-products or heavy perfumes!

I knew I discovered something amazing…

I had always used Rosehip oil to help with my dry skin. I even put up with the greasy feel and discoloured pillowcases because my skin felt moisturised. With my first pregnancy I used it all over my belly, and my white t-shirts all had massive yellow stains!! When I tried Botani’s Olive Skin Serum in 2015 (I used it in the lead up to my interview at Botani, that way I could at least say I’d tried one of their products), I was gobsmacked! I had NEVER felt anything so silky on my skin….it seriously hydrated my skin without the GREASY feel. And not just that sort of hydration you get from immediately applying ‘any’ cream or oil – my skin had begun feeling hydrated ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT! Well I just had to have that job! With a product like this – I just wanted to scream it out to the world!!

So here I am – 2 years later – still in love with the Olive Skin Serum and something I (and all my mummy friends now) absolutely cannot live without!

So, how did it face up to my two main concerns?

1. Time: this product takes 2 seconds to apply – and has OVER ten multipurpose uses!

  • hydrating serum
  • moisturiser
  • natural makeup primer
  • cuticle oil
  • naturally anti-ageing
  • fades brown pigmentation / age spots
  • fades scars
  • treats eczema, psoriasis & very dry skin conditions
  • add to the bath for extra hydration
  • use on baby’s skin (massage / dry skin / bath)
  • breastfeeding mums can treat their cracked nipples
  • fades dark circles under eyes

My go-to daily skincare routine is often: cleanse well, and use the Olive Skin Serum whilst my skin is still damp (this helps it to immediately absorb).

2. Toxins

Olive Skin Serum contains 99.7% pure active Olive Squalene.  Basically, Squalene is already present in our skin, but it decreases as we age. The Squalene used in the Olive Skin Serum is totally natural (it’s extracted from Olive pips) and even BIO-COMPATIBLE with our skin! It is a natural plant active, antioxidant, skin cell rejuvenator….I could go on and on! (Read more about Squalene here).

So there you have it – a multipurpose, skin-friendly, mum-friendly and even chin-sucking baby friendly skin saviour that we deem is “as vital to skin as water is to life” – for a good reason!


Sandra La Scala, is the natural beauty writer at Botani, a poodle lover, mum of two boys, advocate of natural skincare, sleep and surrounding yourself with happy people!



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  1. A fun informative read that just made my night. It’s lovely to be able to one, relate to being a mother of two boys, although I’m quite a bit older than Sandra, the reality of time,pampering, devotion to skin care seemed a distant memory. Well until I found the Olive Skin Serum. Amazing Amazing and simple to use. More importantly great when it comes to time.

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