Healthy Minion Dim Sims for Kids


(This is a sponsored collaboration with Marathon Foods, for their new product Minion Dim Sims.  Nourishing Your World were gifted the product to try, but the opinions included are our own).

As a busy mum, I often get to 6pm and wonder to myself, does the family really need to eat dinner again?!

Jokes aside, life seems to get busier and busier, and the chaos that is dinner time doesn’t seem to get easier.  From after-school activities, helping the kids with homework, getting the washing off the line, or just general exhaustion from a busy day.  Sometimes there is nothing better than having a quick, easy and healthy dinner only minutes away.  Thanks to Marathon Foods, their new minion dim sims provide just that – a quick and easy dinner option, that is healthy too!

Healthy minion dim sims for kids

Those adorable little yellow minions are a favourite with both kids and adults alike.  Made famous from  the Despicable Me movies, they are cute and always give you a good giggle.  Marathon Foods latest product are minion dim sims – but no, they don’t contain minions, and no minions were harmed in producing these bites of deliciousness!

Minion dim sims are proudly made by Marathon Foods, an Australian family-owned company who have been producing quality frozen foods for over 55 years.

Dim sims with 100% Aussie chicken and vegetables

Minion-dim-sims-with-saladWhat we loved about the minion dim sims is that they are made using  all natural ingredients including 100% Australian chicken and farm fresh, local vegetables.

Each serving (2 dim sims) is equivalent to 1/3 of your child’s recommended daily vegetable intake.  They also contain a nice blend of spices including salt, garlic powder, ground ginger and pepper.

No artificial flavours or colours

A big consideration for our household is trying to reduce as many artificial flavours and colours in the food we eat.

We have noticed big differences in behaviour and skin conditions when we actively avoid too many products that contain artificial flavours or colours.

It was a big tick from our family, as the minion dim sims have no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no added MSG, are a good source of protein and as mentioned above use 100% Australian chicken.

How to serve your dim sims

You can choose to steam, fry, bbq or microwave your dim sims, with the various instructions (excluding bbq’ing) on the packaging.  We chose to eat the dim sims on 2 separate occasions, both times accompanied by a yummy salad.  We included lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado and corn in our salad, and the salad complemented the dim sims and made for a really easy dinner to put together.


Steamed dim sims

in an effort to maintain a healthier ‘fast food’ option, we chose to steam the dim sims, and also tried oven baking them (even though this wasn’t included on the serving suggestions).

When we oven baked the dim sims, the outer pastry was a little tough to cut, but the inside filling of the dim sim had a really nice flavour.  You can taste that they are made with quality ingredients, and don’t taste like some frozen foods do – with no flavour.

Miss 8 thought they tasted delicious, as did my husband and I. Master 6 (who isn’t a big meat eater) only ate half a dim sim and said it was ‘ok’, but devoured his salad as he always does.

We also had the dim sims on a separate evening, and this time decided to steam the dim sims.  This was by far the better option, and really enhanced the flavour and texture of the dim sims.  We thought they tasted good the first time, but the second time (when they were steamed), they tasted even better! Master 6 even ate an entire dim sim (which is pretty awesome, as he doesn’t love meat).


Dim sim ingredients and nutrition

We aren’t qualified nutritionists, so can’t provide detailed nutrition advice. However as a mum I feel comfortable in offering this as an ‘occasional’ food for a quick, easy dinner, when served with other salad or vegetables.


Minion dim sims available at Woolworths and IGA

If you’d like try these yummy dim sims for a quick, easy and healthy dinner for your family, then you can find them in your local Woolworths or IGA.

As a busy family, we will definitely be keeping some in our freezer! The  Minion Dim Sims are perfect to have in the freezer for those nights when you are low on time, but still want to have a nutritious dinner that tastes yummy too.




Melissa Dickfos, is the Founder of Nourishing Your World, a coffee lover, mum of two children, advocate of making small steps towards healthy living and loves to laugh!


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