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The Nourishing Your World Story

When you see your children experiencing eczema, your natural motherly instinct is to want to be able to rub in cream and magically 'fix it'.  Unfortunately, that rarely happens - even with the use of steroid creams.  So began my journey of learning more about what my family and I were using on our skin, the types of laundry products we used to wash our clothes, cleaning products used around our home and let's not forget the powerful impact of the food we eat too.

The wonderful part?  There are now, more than ever, some amazing products available that are nourishing, natural, organic and toxin-free.  Perfect for the whole family.

I also learnt to fall in love with cooking and baking all over again.  And the best part? So did my husband and children.  I'm always experimenting and testing different recipes, to create new versions that are more nourishing and wholesome. Lunchbox snacks are one of the most popular in our recipe section.  You will find gluten-free recipes, refined sugar-free recipes, nut-free recipes and many more!  I'm also a big advocate for cooking and baking with additive-free products or ingredients. (I have personally noticed big changes in behaviour when our home has fewer additives in the pantry!)

We are, however, far from perfect and still have moments where we make less than desirable choices (hello wine and chocolate for me!)

Around our home, we have significantly reduced the use of toxic products. From the kitchen, laundry, general household cleaning, through to skincare, make-up and using more environmentally friendly options too.

I strongly believe in creating balance in your life, and remembering to be gentle on yourself – as it is all about the journey and learning about what works best for you and your family.

You will find an amazing collection of gorgeous, natural and organic products, recipes and more.

All here together in the one place, to assist you in ‘Nourishing Your World’ – one step at a time.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Mel x

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