7 ways to treat yourself without food

7 ways to treat yourself without food

Whether you have achieved a personal goal or just gotten through a long hard day, we all deserve to treat ourselves from time to time. When you think ‘treat’ you might automatically think of food, and that’s totally fine. There is nothing wrong with taking yourself out to a fancy dinner or indulging in something decadent every so often. It is important, however, to reward yourself in other ways too so that you can keep yourself and your relationship with food healthy.  Here are 7 ways to treat yourself without food. 

7 ways to treat yourself without food

Get a Massage


Is there anything more relaxing than a long, soothing massage? There is no better way to relieve the week’s stressors than through kneading them out in an hour-long session. Find a massage therapist near you that has great reviews and book yourself in for a luxurious, full body massage. With each knot of tension your body releases, you will feel relaxed and renewed. A relaxing massage is guaranteed to leave you feeling more satisfied than the quick fix a doughnut could ever make you feel.

Get Out in Nature


In today’s busy world, we rely on our smart devices for everything from work to entertainment. Taking a break from the screens and getting out in the sunshine can do wonders for your mental state, and being away from the constant notifications can feel like a mini holiday. Take a day trip to go on a gorgeous hike, swim in the ocean, or hang out at a picturesque waterfall. Not only will you feel fresh and rejuvenated, but you will also get a nice buzz from the endorphins it took you to get there.

Re-read Your Favourite Book


We live in a world where there is always something new to read, watch, listen to, or consume. Often times we have an overflowing “to read’ list, but instead of checking off the books we become overwhelmed and avoid the activity altogether. A simple way to combat this excess of choice is to let yourself re-enjoy something you love. Don’t think of it as a waste of time that could be better spent learning something new, just enjoy the familiarity of your favourite characters and get lost in the story once again.

Take a Bath


A simple but effective way to reward yourself without food is with a relaxing bath. Throw in a bath bomb, bubbles, or salts, light a few candles, and turn on some relaxing tunes or your favourite podcast. Then all that’s left to do is to sink into the hot bath and enjoy some uninterrupted you time. If you think you deserve something extra special, throw on a face and hair mask to fully immerse yourself in the lap of luxury.

Try Something New


We all have that one thing we have always wanted to try but never had the time or gumption to go through with. This can be something as big as skydiving and as small as taking a painting class or following a makeup tutorial. Whatever your one thing is, finally take the time, muster up the confidence, and try something new. Whether you love it or hate it you’ll never regret giving it a go, and you might just find your new favourite hobby.

Check Out Your Local Museum


If you’re a lover of all things creative, take yourself out for a culture date. This is a great way to both give yourself a food-free reward and soak in some local artistic talent. Look up what exhibitions are on near you and spend some time wandering through one. Appreciate the art around you and you will feel enriched and inspired by the time you get home.

Take a Day Off and Do Absolutely Nothing


Sometimes there is no better feeling than doing nothing at all. This is by no means advice to blow off work for no good reason on a regular basis, but a self-care day once in a blue moon is a different story. Take a personal day and sleep in. Don’t feel obligated to ‘make it count’ just enjoy the alone time. Spend the day relaxing, enjoy coffee at a local cafe, read a book, watchyour favourite TV show on Netflix, or just enjoy a nap.. Do whatever brings you joy and let yourself indulge in a much-deserved day to yourself, you earned it!

So there you have it, you can reward yourself for reaching a goal or working hard, without using food as a reward. There are so many wonderful ways to indulge in some self care, and we hope this provides some inspiration for you to take some time out – just for you. 



Melissa Dickfos, is the Founder of Nourishing Your World, a coffee lover, mum of two children, advocate of making small steps towards healthy living and loves to laugh!



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